How Do I Know What Size Storage Unit I Need?

When it comes to renting out a storage unit or container, you’ll want to avoid having to pay for space you simply don’t need. Nothing is worse than having to pay for more or less space than you require, which is why we’ve compiled a list of storage tips and tricks to help make finding the right storage size for you easy and hassle-free. Read our blog to learn how you can correctly determine the storage unit size that’s right for you and request a free, no-obligation quote from Grantham Self Store today!

8 Tips for Choosing the Right Storage Unit Size

  1. Write down a list of every item you plan to put away in storage
  2. Consider if you’ll put additional items into storage in the future
  3. Decide whether you’ll stack items on top of each other in storage
  4. Consider the shape and size of your boxes and use containers that stack easily to maximise space
  5. Use a tape measure to see how much space you’ll need when boxes are stacked next to each other
  6. If you’re planning on renting a storage unit for the short-term, consider packing your boxes as closely as possible to save space
  7. If you’re planning on renting a storage unit or container for the long-term, put items you’ll most likely need at the front of your unit and leave a walkway down the middle of your unit for easy access
  8. Ask to see a storage unit or container in person to get a better feel for its size, as opposed to trying to visualise the space in your head

Why Choose Grantham Self Store?

Our self storage Grantham facility makes it easy to estimate your storage space using a straightforward storage size chart. Our storage units and containers range from 20 square feet to 200 square feet, helping you to store a quarter’s worth of standard garage belongings or those of a 5-bedroom house. Should you require less storage space down the line, we’ll happily move you down a storage unit size free of charge. If you find you require more storage space instead, we’ll move you up a storage size with the same ease.

Our self storage Grantham facility is purpose-built and conveniently located just a stone’s throw away from Grantham’s town centre. Every storage container and unit on our premise is protected by cutting edge fire and theft detection systems and 24/7 onsite security, making us worthy of your trust. Contact us at 01476 452145 for more self storage tips and tricks and reserve your storage unit or container today!