Container Storage Grantham

Unlike our self-storage units, our container storage Grantham offers a solution that is specifically more long-term. All our outside container units have great accessibility, allowing you to park your vehicle next to your container doors. At Grantham Self Store, we want to ensure that our storage facilities are as versatile as possible, which is why all our container storage units can be accessed next to by your car.

All our container units are purchased new, and are, therefore, watertight & airtight. Making sure all your belongings are kept dry and safe. Keeping all your possessions safe and secure is our main objective at Grantham Self Store. Therefore, with great access for container customers, we have 24/7 hour security working on the premises and controlling the entrance of the business estate. Additionally, we have state of the art security surveillance, allowing us to monitor day and night all of our self-storage and container storage units.

For more information about container storage, private and commercial storage in Grantham, check out our additional pages or get in touch with us today, we’d be happy to talk through your options.