Self Storage Advice and Tips

Putting your items into self-storage units requires a certain amount of preparation, the large majority of which is needed during the packing phase. That said, the whole process might seem a little daunting at first, which is why Grantham Self Store is on hand to offer you some packing advice. Don’t forget second hand boxes and new boxes can be purchased at our depot. Additionally, we have a range of sizes and other packaging materials, like mattress bags, wardrobe boxes and tape.

Fragile Items

  • When packing, always use paper or tissue – this is the best material to protect your items; try scrunching some up and forming a protective layer at the bottom of the carton.
  • Never place fragile items in a carton unwrapped, and never overfill cartons, as this could potentially damage your goods in transit.
  • Although this is common sense, always place heavier items at the bottom, with the more delicate ones on top.
  • When packing plates and saucers, always place them on their edge – never flat – while glasses, cups, vases and items of that nature should always be packed upright.

Pictures & Mirrors

  • Wherever possible, pictures and mirrors should be packed into cartons and wrapped upright to ensure their safety. If such items are too big to fit into a carton, simply use cardboard and bubble wrap.

Washing Machines/Dishwashers

  • Make sure that all washing machines and dishwashers are drained. Also, make sure that the drum of the washing machine is secured. If in doubt, always read the manufacturer’s handbook for instructions.


  • Lampshades – and other similarly awkward and fragile items – should always be placed in a carton. Ensure that you don’t attempt to force them to fit when they simply won’t though, this will only cause breakage.

Self-Assembly Furniture

  • When it comes to furniture storage, self-assembled furniture should always be dismantled before it is packed in order to save room. They are also likely to make a good base for more awkward items to be placed on top, too.
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