We have storage units available today! Simply give us a call and we’ll get you moved in as quickly as possible.

Payment is every four weeks. Any complete weeks left when you decide to remove your belongings will be refunded.

Standard liability can be purchased when you sign up to your unit. This is charged to your 4 weekly invoice.

Any complete weeks left when you decide to remove your belongings will be refunded. The refund will be paid back using the same method of payment. The process for refunds can take a few weeks. If you would like to know when your weeks begin and finish please contact our store or look at your most recent invoice, we will be happy to help.

We take a range of payment methods. However, we prefer payment by card every 4 weeks. This allows us to reduce our paper usage by emailing customer invoices.

There is no notice required. You can simply move in and out as you please. All that needs to be done when you want to leave your unit is that you have to sign an exit form. This will allow accounts to check if you have any completed weeks left that can be refunded to your account.

In a case where you need a removal vehicle in order to complete the job to aid you with the transition of your items, Grantham Self Store has a longing partnership with F&N Worldwide who will be happy to quote your removals in or out of our store. For more information either call us today or check out their website.

Yes, door locks are available at reception.

Yes, we can provide you with all the packing supplies you need, along with flat trolleys to make your storage experience as easy as possible.

Yes, photo identification will be required when you move in.